Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a member of a German-Canadian Association panel which selects German students to go for a three months internship to Canada. What an awesome experience…!

All the students were eager to impress, of course some more than others, and with no doubt a rare bunch which left me feeling pretty good that Canada will soon be receiving such astute individuals. I was simply impressed by some of the students’ knowledge and their command of the English language.

What really struck me about those students was how impressed they were with the concept of Canada for some, and for others knowing the place firsthand and wanting to experience working there. Their idea of Canada seemed super eloquent in comparison to, say, the United States. This was a touchy subject for many when asked: “why do you want to go to Canada instead of somewhere else, like the States?” – their responses in general were an eye opener for me. One, for example, found Canadians way more friendly than our southern neighbours. Although, I must say some students managed to keep their answers quite neutral, by focusing on nature.

Side note, the USA has some pretty awesome natural wonders too, e.g. the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, …

I really loved the students eagerness to explore Canada and some of the students will get some pretty cool internships at the beginning of July spread all over the country – including some in Nunavut!

“Proud to be a Canadian,” is what I thought walking out of the boardroom!!!



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