I guess a lot of things can affect a person’s way of being in the world but sometimes you can read or discover something that wakes you up. By waking up, I mean seeing things from a fresh perspective – understand something new about yourself or the world you live in. I am always mesmerized how difficult it is to describe a way of being that isn’t relative to a way one is already. My new way of seeing is inspired by a quote I read on a scarf, how fantastic is that for the scarf?

“so fill your head with what’s important and be done with all the rest”

Is it just me or is that quote a never ending battle within the self? And what’s great is it’s printed on a scarf meant to keep you warm. It works; the scarf keeps you warm, while you read the quote over and over until you start to realize that you are getting cold and are in dire need of another scarf, but this time with no words on it.

In light of this quote a new feature will be added to my blog soon, which I am extremely excited about!



  1. Love your blog and reading about all your new adventures. Look forward in anticipation to the new feature.


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