spring on the high line / damn, we’re in new york again!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture in the post entitled ‘art?’ asking where it was taken.

The answer is the High Line in New York City!

One of the best, most artistically profound, suspended above the city, incredibly landscaped outdoor walks I have ever taken.

The High Line starts at Gansevoort Street and ends at about 34th (Manhattan’s West Side), which is about 1.6km. The whole time you are walking above the city, as its name would indicate, and you are walking amidst some of the most beautiful landscaping. If you want a break from your walk there are cafés along the way to stop in. The best part about this walk is the art scattered in the most lonesome places, making it stand out beautifully. An example is the picture I posted which is an old deserted factory building that now features a rusted apocalyptic art piece. I also remember sitting on a bench and as soon as I sat down loud opera music started to play. The music shielded me from my surroundings creating a bubble-like atmosphere in which I could let my mind run wild.

Last spring, Felix and I were off to NYC to meet two friends: Andrea, a great interior designer, and Taylor, who has a landscaping company. We all wanted inspiration so we decided the High Line would be ideal. Let’s just say the day of – all super hung-over – the Line provided us with levity and great ideas!  Even on a rainy day you can still enjoy the High Line’s wonders. Go and do it!

PS: Thank you Susan for bringing the High Line to the table!

highline1_sm highline2 highline3


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