Step 21

Fellow expatriate Adam Fletcher wrote a blog-post-turned-book on “How to be German in 50 easy steps”, which inspired this post.

Step 21 in Fletcher’s book is entitled “Watch Tatort”. I was eager to see what a religiously watched German detective show airing since the 1970s would be like.

So, last Sunday, I watched Tatort. This particular episode was shot in Münster, which provided for a wonderful backdrop. As for the content – it was dark, dramatic, action packed at times, and easy to follow.

The attractive part about this particular episode was the premise – a dead Chinese princess/artist who was known to deliver abstract art exposing the hidden truths of the Chinese political system. Now, I found that premise incredibly stimulating because it reminded me of a similar great revolutionary artist – Ai Weiwei.  Someone has done their homework on this show…

After spending 90 minutes watching, I think the show is quite cute, and I’ve developed an intriguement surrounding the forensic specialist by the name of Professor Boerne. Step 21, check!

ai weiwei500

 Ai Weiwei (pictured) vs. Tatort interpretation (linked)


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