What is it about Europe and sweets?

Today, one day before the end of my cleanse, I had the biggest sweets craving in a long time. I guess I will have to extend my cleanse for a couple more days to make up for the sweets intake.

How did the affair unfold?

Super easy, I got off the no. 15 Straßenbahn one stop before home and marched straight into Rewe’s sweets section and said to myself go crazy. So I did. I bought one bag of 25% real Saft stuffed Haribo, one bag of mini color-rado Haribo, and Ritter Sport Macadamia. Then caught another 15 and off to nach Haus gehen.

I have never had such a craving living in North America, ever… (must be more disciplined).

Now Gute Nacht from the Friday corner. Bis nächsten Freitag, besondere Leute!



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