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quick spice mix
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Quick Spice Mix

Seasoning is one the most important part of cooking. It can turn a bland tofu into a flavourful piece of heaven. I created a quick spice mix that will take you less than 1 minute to put together and it stores for weeks in any properly sealed off spice jar. This is my go to […]

5 Minute Hummus
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5 Minute Hummus

This 5 minute hummus recipe is all about efficiency and maximum amount of flavour. You need one main ingredient, you guessed it – chickpeas and the rest are optional and can easily be replaced with what you currently have on hand. You can skip the garlic, however if you do use it, I suggest roasting […]

4 Main Ingredients Easy Pancakes
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4 Main Ingredient Easy Pancakes

In this post I am sharing my go-to pancake recipe that’s easy to make, delicious and nutritional. I turn to these 4 main ingredient easy pancakes almost every other day. You can chose your favourite seasonal toppings as well as how you want to pack in the nutrients. Whether you want to add chia seeds, […]

Two Easy Potato Marinades
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Two Easy Potato Marinades

For the month go September I sat down and put together my a list of healthy foods and recipes which heal the thyroid and are anti-inflammtory. Potatoes are on this list. I thought it might be useful to share my top two easy potato marinades that will will turn your potatoes into crispy, flavourful, nutritional […]

better than hash browns
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Better than Hash browns

Is it just me or is this social quarantine bringing out the weirdest cravings?! My obsessions so far have been: broccoli soup (click highlight for a super creamy broccoli recipe), pancakes (recipe coming up), dates with almond butter and now these homemade hash browns! I woke up today craving deep fried potatoes and I created […]

broccoli soup
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QUICK GFVG Broccoli Soup

I took a little break from posting on my blog, mainly because I had to do some maintenance and I was trying to put it off for as long as I could. lol. Now that everything is fixed and good to go, I am slowly introducing writing weekly posts back to my life. What does […]