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The hustle and bustle of the fish market early in the morning was impressive. Everyone was driving these electric carts, very closely resembling a golf cart without a top, loaded with fresh fish, herbs and vegetables on their way to be delivered to their customer.


“This place was a liability, with signs no one can read, people shouting, carts honking, and no proper lanes for pedestrians to follow, it was surprising to see no one got hurt. But what a sight. Once we got away from the busy entrance and continued to make our way into the market it started to dawn on me that I would have a field day photographing this beautiful energy. They say that when you get lost capturing a specific moment or feeling through the lens of a camera it somehow takes you away from being present and enjoying your surroundings. I personally disagree, if anything I was more alert to the presence of a man chiselling away at a frozen tuna the size of a small car. It made me alert to this man’s relationship to the knife as it pounded the iced tuna. Zooming in on the rubber boots at this particular moment grounded me and allowed me to make sense of all the chaos in the fish market”. 

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name update


more colours

more colours

play with colours

play with colours

After very careful consideration I have managed to come up with a name for my event planning business:

being adelina events

This is the best suited name! It’s me and it’s really where everything started. I have also decided to write about the process of creating this business with you to hopefully help out people that are also interested in doing something similar. Not to worry the travel/food posts will continue to be delivered in parallel!

Now I am working away at the perfect logo and have started the full write up for a separate website highlighting the events I have done so far. Such a fantastic process it is to be able to sit down and hammer away at a project that I feel so passionate and close to.

Stay tuned, more to come very soon…