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GFVG Dinner 'Omelette'
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GFVG Dinner ‘Omelette’

Why not have an egg substitute dish for dinner? This recipe is so easy to make and packed with lots of protein. The GFVG dinner ‘omelette’ is inspired by the traditional Indian side dish called dosa. There are a couple of twists to this recipe though that totally take a turn off the traditional dosa […]

GFVG Caesar Salad
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GFVG Caesar Salad

As a vegan and glu-TARD (gluten-free) I can’t begin to tell you how much nutritional yeast improves the taste of a Caesar salad. If you are looking for a GFVG Caesar salad recipe – look no further… The trick to the salad is, of course, the dressing, so the recipe below gives you a solid […]