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Chili Fries With a Twist
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Chili Fries With a Twist

I was inspired to create this chili fries with a twist recipe using the last ingredients in our pantry. Looking at the recipe photo below you may wonder why the chili fries sauce isn’t more red. I can explain… Our last crushed tomato can contained yellow heirloom tomatoes. These tomatoes’ taste is incredibly complex and […]

better than hash browns
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Better than Hash browns

Is it just me or is this social quarantine bringing out the weirdest cravings?! My obsessions so far have been: broccoli soup (click highlight for a super creamy broccoli recipe), pancakes (recipe coming up), dates with almond butter and now these homemade hash browns! I woke up today craving deep fried potatoes and I created […]

broccoli soup
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QUICK GFVG Broccoli Soup

I took a little break from posting on my blog, mainly because I had to do some maintenance and I was trying to put it off for as long as I could. lol. Now that everything is fixed and good to go, I am slowly introducing writing weekly posts back to my life. What does […]

3 Steps Scrambled 'egg' Tofu3 Steps Scrambled 'egg' Tofu
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3 Steps Scrambled ‘egg’ Tofu

I am a total bunch gal and this 3 Steps Scrambled ‘egg’ Tofu is simply to DIE for! If you are looking for a vegan, gluten-free egg substitute option, this 3 steps recipe is totally for you. It’s the perfect addition to your breakfast. My loaded avocado toast is built from: gluten-free & vegan raw […]

butterfly pea tea
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Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly pea tea is simply magical. I discovered this magic tea in December during our trip to the island Koh Phayam in Thailand! Butterfly pea tea has a number of healthy properties as well as changing colour when you add one key ingredient. Here are some of the key benefits from drinking this tea. Health […]

loaded oatmeal
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loaded oatmeal

Loaded oatmeal during the winter season is my go-to breakfast meal. I sometimes even have it for dinner. There are so many toppings you can experiment with and a ton of seasonal fruits. This loaded breakfast oatmeal is also anti-inflammatory, vegan and gluten-free. To make this recipe you will need the following ingredients: If you […]

no bake brownies
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No Bake Brownies

I was hard at work last week experimenting with a bunch of gluten-free and vegan brownie recipes. I found this no bake brownies recipe a winner! Super easy to make and you will probably end up making 6 batches like me. It helps that I had a lovely little helper this weekend in the kitchen. […]

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coconut chickpea curry

There is nothing better than curling up on my sofa with a huge bowl of homemade spicy curry. When I put together this recipe I had two things in mind: comfort and warmth. Part of the fun of making curries is experimenting with all sorts of exquisite Indian spices. The spices I often use when […]

smoky nut butter buddha bowl
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Smoky Nut Butter Buddha Bowl

They say it takes a community of gifted people to put together an inspiring issue that people will love. That’s what Gluten-free Heaven Magazine does every month. If you are looking for inspiration for healthy gluten-free or vegan recipes – this magazine is awesome !! Bonus, you can find my smoky nut butter buddha bowl […]