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broccoli soup
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QUICK GFVG Broccoli Soup

I took a little break from posting on my blog, mainly because I had to do some maintenance and I was trying to put it off for as long as I could. lol. Now that everything is fixed and good to go, I am slowly introducing writing weekly posts back to my life. What does […]

volognese sauce
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Volognese Sauce

I love a hearty homemade sauce that I can quickly pour over my gluten-free pasta and tastes amazing. You will keep turning to this Volognese Sauce all the time ! The sauce is very easy to make, vegan, gluten-free and extremely delicious! The sauce is basically a brand new twist to the traditional Italian Bolognese […]

taco shell
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Taco shells

What is it about Mexican food? There is something about the summer season and tacos that brings so much joy. Making taco shells is such a fun activity and you can experiment with a wide range of vegan and gluten-free ingredients. When it comes to homemade taco shells, I have a SUPER easy and DELICIOUS […]

butterfly pea tea
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Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly pea tea is simply magical. I discovered this magic tea in December during our trip to the island Koh Phayam in Thailand! Butterfly pea tea has a number of healthy properties as well as changing colour when you add one key ingredient. Here are some of the key benefits from drinking this tea. Health […]

smoky nut butter buddha bowl
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Smoky Nut Butter Buddha Bowl

They say it takes a community of gifted people to put together an inspiring issue that people will love. That’s what Gluten-free Heaven Magazine does every month. If you are looking for inspiration for healthy gluten-free or vegan recipes – this magazine is awesome !! Bonus, you can find my smoky nut butter buddha bowl […]


matcha !!!

My personal preference to coffee has changed significantly since I have met my matcha friend! I have stopped drinking coffee for over two months now and I am not going back. I feel fantastic, alert and most importantly¬†matcha is¬†a super food powder. You can literally do anything with¬†the tea powder: make tea (the traditional Japanese […]

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introducing my new friend

You¬†wake up¬†after a night of partying because, well,¬†you were¬†welcoming 2016¬†the night before. We were desperate for coffees and green smoothies and that’s what we found when we walked into our favourite¬†breakfast place *¬†@aroma kaffeebar¬†* in¬†Munich. We agreed, at the end, that someone should pay the bill so we could get fresh air and that’s when […]


my version of gravlax

It’s Sunday and I think this recipe is worth the wait. I’ve¬†used this recipe at many of my events and it¬†was a huge success, so here is¬†the secret. Enjoy, and happy first Advent! Gravlax¬†√† la adelina Serves 15 people – as an appetizer ***¬†¬† Beetroot cure: 2 large fresh beetroots 1 orange (zest of) 2 […]


chicken leg roast in a slow cooker

We have been super lucky to receive the best cast-iron pot¬†ever as a wedding present and it is one of our treasured cooking tools. I can honestly vouch that Le Creuset is probably the best, especially for slow cooking. Do any of you have another favourite slow cooking pot? The recipe below requires a good […]