victoria falls










the magnificent vic falls was also part of the itinerary on our last trip to Namibia. we opted to go on the Zimbabwe side. and with our passports full of stamps from Botswana and Zimbabwe I am here to say the drive from Katima to the falls was totally worth it.

however, if you are making the journey during the rainy season as we did, be prepared to get completely soaked. No amount of waterproof clothing can save you – trust me I tried! but what a breath taking sight. Continue reading

the western world through a Namibian mirror

It is a fact that after arriving in Katima Mulilo for no more than one week a resonate feeling of confusion subsisted and wouldn’t leave my side. Sure, maybe the Malarone contributed but according to my doctor the Malarone would not be the root of the problem after a couple of days, because at that point my body would be used to it already.  In agony and self pity I began slowly to analyze why my internal receptors were so out of whack. Continue reading