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Hikes around Köln

Hikes around Köln

After about what feels like half of year being stuck indoors, thanks to COVID19, it was finally time to embrace the wilderness. During our week off we decided the safest route to take is stay local, away from the busy city and be in nature as much as possible. The solution, finding hikes around Köln. […]

summer salad
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Summer Salad

Let’s face it – who wants to spend their time in the kitchen cooking meals when it’s so hot outside. This summer salad is just what you need, plus it features all of summer’s bounty. You can’t go wrong with this GFVG salad. If you are BBQ’ing outside this is the perfect side to any […]

taco shell
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Taco shells

What is it about Mexican food? There is something about the summer season and tacos that brings so much joy. Making taco shells is such a fun activity and you can experiment with a wide range of vegan and gluten-free ingredients. When it comes to homemade taco shells, I have a SUPER easy and DELICIOUS […]

3 ways to ease into the summer
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3 ways to ease into the summer

Coming out of long winter and spring can be exhausting and full of shedding lots of clothing layers, getting over colds and getting to know your fun summery self again! Spring is often called the renewal season, which basically means, out with the old and in with the new. Here are 3 ways to ease […]