the art of learning german II

German can be fun if you have the right attitude and the right teacher. Last week in Deutsch course I’ve made a huge breakthrough with two simple yet wise abbreviations.

What do a dog and a princess being in love with a man have in common? Easy, they stand for common prepositions used alongside an Akkusativ or a Dativ case. Allow me to break it down even further:

  1. Common prepositions found with Akkusativ are – durch, ohne, gegen, für, um herum, entlang
    Best way to remember them is – DOG FUE
  2. Common prepositions found with Dativ – aus, bei, mit, nach, von, seit, zu
    Best way to remember them is – AUBEMINA von SEITZU (that is a princess’ name and she is in love with Mr. Mnn – Mr. Mnn is short form for Mr. Minnesota)
  3. Quick note about Mr. Mnn – he stands for the Dativ form of articles in German, which are – dem (der), der (die), dem (das), den (pl.) with an ending in en

Like I said before – huge breakthrough! It actually helps a non-native speaker a lot. Punkt. Fertig. Aus die Maus!

P.S. I’ve also included a bunch of new words added to my vocabulary – whatever will I do with all of them?



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