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August 2013 – I was in a mad panic to find the perfect dress for a wedding I was attending on Vancouver Island. I resorted to the one store I knew would live up to all expectations. Oliver & Lilly’s, a Vancouver based clothing store – newly located at 1575 West 6th Ave. between Fir St. and Granville – I find completely utterly quaint. There is just no other store with the same kind of uniqueness and devotion.

I had a tight timeline from the time I landed to the time I was expected to attend the wedding. Initially, I had ordered the dress online and wanted it shipped before I left Toronto for Vancouver, but the store emailed me to advise that the shipment would not arrive on time. So instead, when I arrived in Vancouver, they opened the store, even though it was closed at the time for renovations. Leighann met me personally there to hand me my dress with a personalized note thanking me for my purchase. I was incredibly thrilled to be part of Oliver & Lilly’s world.

I will forever remain a loyal customer! Here is to you, Oliver & Lilly’s, for being extremely delightful!!

• Visit their store online or in person – you will not be disappointed •

images © Jamie Mann


  1. Adelina, I am not surprised… You went to a wedding in a BLACK dress 🙁 Didn’t they have any pink, yellow, red or beige ones? 🙂

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