then there was 200 and pink

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What a great feeling it is to accomplish a huge task, get compliments and be hugely inspired to do more and more and a lot more!…

That’s the best I could come up with to describe my recent involvement with a party I was hired to cater for – three beautiful ladies’ 40th birthdays!

The theme of the party was new, fresh, exciting and pink. I said yes and that’s exactly what we did. Firstly, a huge thank you goes to Anja for helping. She can turn a dark washed abandoned bar into a marvellously exciting pink palace with her decorating skills. Honestly, she has a wonderful party decorating business that is all about how to make decorating as perfect as possible in a timely manner. So she makes decoration boxes specific to people’s parties, super cool! Check out what she has going on: (—Design.html)

And there was me, the chef. Catering for 200 people is not an easy task and coming up with pink food is also quite the challenge, but we whipped up something super cool – menu:

tuna sashimi

watermelon/prosecutto asiago skewers

beets with balsamic feta cheese skewers

deconstructed shrimp ceviche green onion skewers

pink humus with vegetables

duck burgers

A really great crowd, great evening and I felt that people were truly enjoying themselves and the food! I stood by watching people’s expressions as they brought the food to their mouth to chew and it was delightful to see them enjoy the different flavours and play around with the idea in their heads of food being served right on the table as a fresh idea that they could get used to.

Thank you Anja, Ute and Silke! You girls rock! Xo

p.s. I know some of my readers are quite the cooks, so if you would like any recipes email me or comment below!


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