there has been an addition to our household

No, not a baby.

After pondering and a great deal of searching we found a great low maintenance addition to our house.


There was a lovely local outdoor market last weekend right outside our door step which we were walking through. When we neared the plants section it dawned on me that this would be the answer I had been looking for, so I bought two strips of moss.

I used my fast walking pace home only to discover, once I took apart the two strips, an ecosystem with living creatures, and part of the top strip moldy.

Now comes the list of ‘I had no idea’:

  • you can revive moldy moss by putting it in a dark area with water at the bottom. I was excited to see it work after a day!
  • it’s not that easy interacting with moss – if you buy freshly cut moss with earth, which I did, you should watch out for tiny creatures wanting to say hello
  • moss is known for its musty smell – something to get used to
  • you can make art with moss

Moss is ideal, due to its low maintenance, for an art piece. Stay tuned to see what I come up with…


Before (above) – After (to come)



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