’tis the season

It’s that time again of the year for: Christmas parties, gifts, card sending and, of course, advent calendars! A dear friend of mine has a birthday conveniently placed closely to advent calendar giving month. So I set out into the world in search of a unique gift that keeps giving all December long…

After searching far and wide I found the perfect one out there in the world. She loves teas, so I decided to invest in an all organic unique tea calendar that I thought would be perfect for her! Rauf teas, having been around since the 1970s, are apparently one of the best in world and internationally acclaimed for their unique blends.

This being Rauf’s first year to have advent tea calendars they wanted to make it special so all the calendars are hand painted. The Rauf teahouse is also a huge supporter of the Martinshof foundation, which offers training and employment to disabled people, which in turn means proceeds from the sale of the teashop calendars, would go to the Martinshof foundation. I was sold and the truth was I wanted it for myself, but I was happy to wrap it up and hand it over on her birthday.

Just to show you how cool all the teas are I will be posting a picture every day in this post of her enjoying her daily tea! So, if you check back each day you will find two new pictures: one of the daily loose tea flavour and one of my friend sipping on her tea…

Stay warm my friends xo

* * *

Day 1:

IMG_1982  IMG_1983

Day 2:

IMG_1984  IMG_1985

Day 3:

IMG_2004  IMG_2003

Day 4:

IMG_2042  IMG_2043

Day 5:

IMG_2044  IMG_2045

Day 6:

IMG_2046  IMG_2047

Day 7:

IMG_2104  IMG_2105

Day 8:

IMG_2106  IMG_2107

Day 9:

IMG_2110  IMG_2109

Day 10:

IMG_2121  IMG_2122

Day 11:

IMG_2123  IMG_2124

Day 12:

IMG_2219 IMG_2220

Day 13

IMG_2221    IMG_2222

Day 14:

IMG_2223 IMG_2224

Day 15:

IMG_2225 IMG_2226

Day 16:

IMG_2236 IMG_2235

Day 17:

IMG_2257 IMG_2258

Day 18:

IMG_2259 IMG_2260

Day 19:

IMG_2261 IMG_2262

Day 20 (a little break from the usual face):

IMG_2263 IMG_2264

Day 21:

IMG_2265 IMG_2287

Day 22:

IMG_2288 IMG_2289

Day 23:

IMG_2298 IMG_2299

Day 24 (last Advent day) – sad to see the end of this beautiful face:

IMG_2301 IMG_2300

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