Aside from surfing, Tofino is a gem for photographers, nature enthusiasts and a vacation spot for many.

I have surfed the icy ocean waters of Tofino and can say it was a special treat.


What continues to attract me to Tofino is a somber nostalgia for all those things I experience as soon as the car passes the Long Beach sign on the major road leading towards the highway. There is nothing quite like it – as I sit in the car driving along and all of the sudden the only thing I can see in front of me is a warm fog sheet covering the sky. It’s quite the sight. I’ve met a lot of people that use the word ‘depressing’ to describe Tofino, yet they all keep coming back for more.

Photographers can have a field day out there. The perfect photos appear onto your camera as though they belong.

As for nature enthusiasts, you can literally spend hours and hours walking around simply looking and taking it all in. There are many hiking routes – a popular one is the Pacific Rim National Park trails. I mean one can’t go wrong with any trail really. Once you are here everything is about fresh ocean air, animals, and watching nature just doing its’ thing.

Vacationing in Tofino is a real challenge because you never want to leave. There are many amazing spots, for example, the Wickaninnish Inn with a renowned restaurant – The Pointe – where the chef works wonders with local ingredients and storm watching is particularly personal and mesmerizing. There are also pretty unique camp grounds and private villas/huts one can rent: Ocean Village right on the water offers a romantic, secluded experience.

tofino 100a

What is one to do with all this beauty? Take it all in and keep coming back for more.


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