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What do Glühwein, Reibekuchen and Feuerzangenbowle all have in common? I think anyone can guess what this post will be about; all the Christmas markets here in Köln (for those of you who can’t make it to a Christmas market in Germany this year, follow the links above to recipes of my top three market delights).


My favourite Weihnachtsmarkt is on the Rhine River next to the chocolate museum. This particular market is the only one that allows enough room for you to actually walk around holding your mulled wine without somebody bumping into you. Basically it’s much less crowded — If you want a lot of excitement then I would suggest going to the Weihnachtsmarkt at Heumarkt, which can entertain all ages alike and they even have a skating rink! Super cool! While I walked through the German crowd I started to understand just how seriously the Germans take the Xmas markets. They put an incredible amount effort and it shows. I found people from all around the world in the crowds being wowed and simply having a lot of fun!


At the Heumarkt market, I stood at the bar talking to the enthusiastic pourers of copious amounts of booze for people and they all had one thing in common. They loved this job. Super cheerful, fluent in English, and with great smile – who wouldn’t want to come here every year, I ask. As a loud bell was rung they all shouted “ahoy”. There is simply no other way to put this but to say one has to experience it by being personally amidst the wonders of these German humans putting on quite the show each year.

There are thousands of little wooden houses that display a wide range of Christmas merchandise all unique and ranging to satisfy all sorts of individual taste. I bought a red angel tree ornament for our tree – see picture below.

I walked away delighted and warm on the inside from the Feuerzangenbowle!




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