vacation week (part 2 of 2)

Here it is: Part 2 of our adventures on a small rocky island called Malta!

After road trip to the southern coast, a long night’s sleep came naturally. The next day, we woke up nice and early and after a grandiose breakfast headed for a day in Valetta.


In Valetta we saw the Catheral, the Grand Master’s Palace, fortress, and came upon a magnificent restaurant in a cave which we later returned to have dinner.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral is quite the place: On the outside it looks all modest and nicely integrated but when you step foot inside, it’s a totally different world. An excessive amount of gold drapers over each and every corner of the cathedral; the art on the wall represents the different “langues” (sort of regional chapters) of the Order of St. John (otherwise known as the Order of Malta), which actually ruled the island from the 16th to the 19th century. There is no shortage of history and artifacts in this place. I guess what strikes me as being super interesting are the hidden treasures throughout the cathedral that your automated guide informs you of.

The Grand Master’s Palace is appropriately placed in the middle of Valetta and is occupied by the President of Malta these days. Some rooms are quite spectacular, like the basement filled with old army battle attire – kind of sinister and kind of cool at the same time. I must say, as an aside, I am quite obsessed with all the different variations of the Grandmasters’ coats of arms – my favourite is the one below, it belonged to Grand Master Roman Perellos y Roccaful (

If you like taking photographs of decrepit places or things then you will have a field day photographing the surroundings of Fort St. Elmo, which clearly has seen better days.

Rampila restaurant ( located inside the thick fortifications of Valetta was our next stop. We had worked up quite an appetite, so we couldn’t wait to see what this place had in store for us. We chose a four course tasting menu with local red and white pairing. Everything was super impressive and also quite interesting. One of the starters was a bruschetta without any tomatoes as expected, but rather broccoli cooked to perfection. I can honestly say I love Maltese cuisine: a mixture of Arab and Italian/Mediterranean. What’s there not to like, right?! I attach some pictures below of some of the courses that pretty much speak for themselves. Oh and I leave you all with this, there is a fine prickly pear local digestive which is a must!

Although if the restaurant suggestion above doesn’t quite sound good to you, you can always make a reservation at the good old “facefood” joint!!! LOL


The next morning we woke up fully rested and ready for a day at the Blue lagoon. Our drive to the ferry terminal was about 30 mins, again the beautiful coast line never seizes to amaze us. Comino ferries offers a return ticket for €10/person which we gladly took and the boat ride is about 20 mins. They let you off to explore the lagoon until about 4pm which is the last boat out. The pictures below speak for themselves and obviously I am coming back.

What doesn’t speak for itself is the fact that we found the only bed & breakfast located on Comino which gives you exclusivity to the lagoon and all the island’s beauty without bumping into herds of tourists. This is definitely on my radar for next time I am in Malta. I would love to do an event with being adelina events on this island. I think it would be super cool! If anyone out there has a potential lead I am all ears.

In summation, Malta has impressed me a great deal, and naturally anything that impressed me means I will be back!:)

And speaking of being adelina events, there has been a couple of updates to the website and I will keep adding pictures and short descriptions for different venues because it’s fun! I am always open to hearing people’s opinions on any improvements for the, so please let me know!

Soon I will posting a new post about a trip to yet again the land of Paddington bears. Yes, I am going to London – super exciting!

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