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the magnificent vic falls was also part of the itinerary on our last trip to Namibia. we opted to go on the Zimbabwe side. and with our passports full of stamps from Botswana and Zimbabwe I am here to say the drive from Katima to the falls was totally worth it.

however, if you are making the journey during the rainy season as we did, be prepared to get completely soaked. No amount of waterproof clothing can save you – trust me I tried! but what a breath taking sight.

Niagara falls you have officially been beat, however there are no amazing wineries nearby Vic falls so I call it a tie 😉

There are about 12 viewing points all providing an intimate view of the falls with a slightly different angle, so totally worth it seeing all the points. If you are lucky and the sun comes out well then you are golden and highly recommend view points 2-5 if you are pressed for time!

Secret place – this lodge has taken to feeding vultures and other wild birds at exactly 1pm sharp each day. So guess where we had lunch: Victoria Falls Safari Lodge – it was a frenzy and honestly I have never seen vultures close up before … it was exhilarating and a bit nerve-racking at the same time!


If you want to dive into the rich history of the Vic falls while enjoying a gin and tonic and looking directly at the Victoria Falls Bridge then you might consider staying or stopping by the famous Victoria Falls hotel. It’s quite spectacular indeed.


Zimbabwe you have outdone yourself!!

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