As promised in my previous post, I come back with more highlights from the Südtirol trip. The only way to capture the evergreen beauty around the guesthouse we were staying at was to take a long walkabout into the neighbouring forest, literally right under our noses.

Before I dive into describing our walk in detail I would like to take a side-track moment and highlight the fact that wearing the correct sole shoes in Südtirol is essential, otherwise when you are walking around (totally at leisure) this happens. Sad moment: I had to say goodbye to my favourite Havana flip flops in the world. Lots of memories were had with these guys over the past 6 years. I will always remember you fondly!


I was curious so I had to taste and play around with the outdoor surroundings. Here below I can be seen picking flowers and drinking from water that was spewing out of the ground. Insane, I know, but I lived to tell the tale. Although some mushrooms and berries looked so elegantly inviting, I knew better, and I simply enjoyed them from afar. As we were walking around the mossy path we came upon another smaller falls in the forest which was absolutely beautiful.

FullSizeRender-2 IMG_3922 FullSizeRender-1

Soon after we began our descent back, I had to stop and take photos manifesting the overall feel of the woods. I love the smell of moss and I literally could stay around a mossy forest all day long and get completely lost in the magic! We walked as slowly as we could and once we got back to our room I was feeling all smitten by the beauty of the outside world so I took a photo to remember!


If you find yourself in Südtirol and want to partake in a super relaxing hike with a beautiful view up top and maybe you also enjoy or want to try raw milk once you get to the top. And one more selling point is – too tired to hike back down, no problem, there is a gondola! This place is called the “Rittner Horn” or short “Ritten”, in Trentino-Alto Adige. I conclude my Südtirol posts with pictures below…

FullSizeRender-7   FullSizeRender-8

To end this post I want to wish you all a happy Halloween and a wonderful beginning to the fall season! Please check back in November, when you will find a new menu bar on my blog called ‘Recipes’.


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