blue footed boobies

Why Punta Pitt, San Cristóbal should be on your radar…

Punta Pitt located on the eastern end of San Cristóbal island, is simply magical! Experiencing BLUE footed boobies’ mating rituals and being right next to this left all of us speechless.

Walk to the top of the volcanic hill for expansive views of the sparsely vegetated area. A variety of seabirds nest here, including blue-footed boobies and frigates. On a ‘panga’ ride you can observe the three varieties of boobies nesting in the Galapagos and enjoy a snorkel from the beach.


The RED footed boobies create their nests in trees, so their mating ceremony was not witnessed, however I managed to snap some photos of them hanging out in their nests.

red booby nest
shy red-footed booby watches over her nest

This is the only island where you can see the BLUE + RED + NAZCA boobies nests!! Magic, right!?

There is a sadness to this story though, the number of boobies we saw on this island we were told is drastically low in comparison to the numbers were ten years ago. Why? Due to the shifting water temperatures, known as the “El Niño” effect. Scientists predict by 2030 there will not by any blue-footed booby population left on Punta Pitt.

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